Diary of a CaliWoods Tumbler | Time To Hit The Road

Choosing a CaliWoods Tumbler is probably the hardest part because they come in three gorgeous colours; Yellow, White and Teal Blue plus they give $2.00 for every purchase to these three amazing initiatives:

  • Shepherd White - Minimalist and classic white, your purchase will be giving back to the incredible efforts of Sea Shepherd New Zealand.
  • Small Fin Yellow - Make sure your day is filled with positive, sunshine yellow and give back to the endangered Hectors and Maui Dolphins. 
  • Ocean Blue - Vibrant like the blue of tropical water, take the ocean wherever you go.  It gives back to Project Blue - young ocean-loving kiwis on a mission to see create change within big companies.

The next part is how to use them so check out our diary in how we’ve used ours for extra inspiration!

Napier Trip Roadie

Over Labour Weekend we travelled to Napier and along came our CaliWoods Tumbler. Mine was filled with my favourite instant coffee and I happily dipped away from Tauranga to Taupo with my coffee remaining steaming hot.

When I say steaming hot I mean steaming hot!! I now blow a little just before I take a sip when it’s at its hottest so that’s just a little tip for young players.

On the Sunday is was so hot that I filled my CaliWoods Tumbler up with ice cold water to drink during the day and it was so refreshing. I’m one of those people who always tries to stay hydrated but don’t always do so well so now I know I can fill up my tumbler for some of the day at least I’m finally starting to get into better hydration habits.

Every Day Use

Most days I take a coffee in my CaliWoods Tumbler to work. 

I have a quiet sip in the car on my way and it sets me up before I arrive. Check my blog here to find out how much I’m saving too on takeaway coffee. 

Of course I still enjoy a takeaway coffee and use my funky purple Onya Reusable Coffee Cup for that. You can use either reusable cup but I’m a bit spoilt!