How Much Money My Ocean Tumbler Saves Me

So I love a good coffee, most of us do. And like most of us being aware of all those takeaway cups I was throwing away to landfill became something I hated doing (plus they make a hell of a mess in the office rubbish bin which is another pet hate)

Prior to buying my gorgeous blue Ocean tumbler I would have bought a takeaway coffee at least 4 times a week which is around $18.00 a week on just takeaway coffee and 4 cups going to landfill just from me!

So what do I do now and how do I do it?

Most mornings I make myself two cups of damn good coffee at home to fill up my beautiful (yes beautiful) tumbler that lasts me pretty much until lunchtime because the Ocean tumbler acts like a flask; it keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.

Of course I still get takeaway coffee but not nearly as much and now I have a gorgeous reusable cup to use. It’s perfect for the office as well as those long road trips where these tumblers fit perfectly in the cup holders. 

But what about the money I’m saving? Well it looks a bit like this but it’s probably more savings than that to be honest:

Every week $18.00 

Every month $72.00 

A year $864.00 

That’s a good amount of savings!

So not only saving loads of takeaway cups going to landfill, saving a nice amount of cash too.

Next up is making some delicious healthy smoothies and juices for the summer and when I’m feeling a bit lazy and too hot for all that I’ll just fill it to the brim with ice cold water from the fridge and head to the beach!

If you have any ideas you’d like to share we’d love to hear them and watch this space for more wonderful ideas on how to use your eco friendly every day products! 

PS One top tip to keep your hot drinks even hotter for longer put boiling hot water into the tumbler before you make your drink for a couple of minutes and the same for cold drinks - put ice or cold water from the fridge to keep your drink colder for longer 

And also if you didn’t already know when you buy your Ocean tumbler $2.00 from every cup goes to one of these awesome initiatives:

  • Shepherd White - Minimalist and classic white, your purchase will be giving back to the incredible efforts of Sea Shepherd New Zealand.
  • Small Fin Yellow - Make sure your day is filled with positive, sunshine yellow and give back to the endangered Hectors and Maui Dolphins. 
  • Ocean Blue - Vibrant like the blue of tropical water, take the ocean wherever you go.  It gives back to Project Blue - young ocean-loving kiwis on a mission to see create change within big companies.