How To Impress Your Girl With An Eco Friendly Picnic

So you've got the girl and she's extra special and she has a heart of gold when it comes to all things environmental.

We're thinking she's vegetarian or vegan and has a passion for doing the right thing which includes things like not using single use anything, definitely hates, hates single use plastic including cutlery.  She's never happier than trying to do the right thing for the planet and for others.

Your mission (and you should definitely choose to accept it) is to organise a romantic eco friendly picnic for two this Valentine's Day and other romantic dates. Here's your easy to follow and sure to earn brownie points check list:

  • pack a set of metal straws to go with that G & T you've bought with you or even better still create a cocktail that says something about your relationship (think Long Island Ice Tea or something a little cuter/sexier perhaps?)
  • What do you store your cocktails in to keep them nice and cool? Nothing better than a reusable stainless steel tumbler that will keep your love potion cold as ice and they look simply stunning.  Plus they give $2.00 to ocean charities so the love is just rising here!

  • Next up what are you going to eat and how are you going to eat it?  A Spork (combines a spoon and fork) has to be the ultimate must-have when it comes to outdoor romantic picnics for two.  You can spoon in that  mouth watering chick pea and yoghurt salad with ease still looking cool and saving the planet at the same time. If sporks aren't your thing our coconut wood cutlery set is the perfect alternative.  

  • If you're a little worried about creating something too difficult then making  a delicious wrap with tasty ingredients like halloumi cheese, spring onions, humous and wrapping it in organic beeswax covered in the funkiest designs will put a smile on any girl's face.  Totally reusable so you can book the next date right there and then

  • What to carry it all in and still like a dude?  The Onya Backpacks made out of recycled plastic bottles are the answer.  These look cool, they do cool and they're strong and lightweight.  They come in a great range of designs and colours to suit everyone's personal taste

You got this now all you have to do is get organised and get it done.  Check out what else you might like to add but don't delay.  You'll be so glad you made the extra effort!