Top Tips For Reducing Plastic

We’re all worried about what plastics are doing to our  environment and Colmar Brunton have done the research to prove it. According to research in NZ it’s our number one concern. It’s even above our stress around the cost of living and violence in our society. 

So what can we do to reducing plastic?

1. When going shopping use reusable produce bags and do away with those single use produce bags. Ban the single use plastic bag altogether.

2. Same goes with bread bags - go to a bakery and take your reusable bread bags. They keep your bread lovely and fresh and can be used in your freezer too over and over again.


3. Use reusable coffee cups and stainless steel drink bottles. 

4. Take your own containers when grabbing your favourite take away.

5. Buy in bulk with your own bulk food bags saving you time and money.

6. Use reusable sandwich wraps not just for the kids lunches but for yours too. 

Just a few small changes can make such a positive difference to reducing everyday plastic use. There are heaps of simple cost effective changes you can make to decrease your own personal impacts. Great news all round!

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